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How to Stay Healthy at Home During Quarantine

April 28, 2020

As social distancing guidelines remain in place, a lot of us find ourselves quarantined at home with routines that have been broken or severely affected by these guidelines. While gyms are closed and a pantry full of snacks may be within arm's reach, it's important to try our best to remain healthy, now more than ever. Below, we have six tips for how you can stay healthy at home during quarantine.

Stay Active

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week. With gyms closed and limited space to move around at home, it might seem difficult to meet that goal. Luckily, there are tons of fitness resources available online. From free online videos to subscription-based fitness programs, options are available for all fitness levels. Other ways to stay active include standing up while you read emails or taking a 1-2 minute activity break every hour.

Try a New Diet

Without the temptation of going to your favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner, now is the perfect time to consider trying out a new healthy diet at home. Hundreds of diet plans can be found online for popular diets, such as the ketogenic diet or the Mediterrenean diet. When choosing a diet, it's important to make sure it fits your present budget and lifestyle needs. If you're a vegetarian, for example, make sure to look for a plant-based diet. Before starting any diet, it's strongly recommended to consult a doctor or dietitian.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

With bars and clubs closed, alcohol delivery services and virtual happy hours have taken their place. The stress and boredom that come with being quarantined might have you reaching for that wine glass, but you might want to reconsider that. Alcohol, especially when mixed with juice or soda, can be high in sugar and calories, both of which may lead to weight gain. Additionally, alcohol can affect your decision-making when it comes to food choices, pushing you towards unhealthy snacks.

Practice Self-Care

Living through a pandemic can take an emotional toll on anyone. You might experience sadness, loneliness, stress, or even feelings of guilt for being in a better situation than others. As such, it's important to practice self-care at home. For some, self-care activities may include reading, meditation, yoga, or a nice bubble bath. For others, self-care may look like reaching out to friends and family, exercising, or taking a stroll outside. Find out what activities work make you feel refreshed and recovered, and allow yourself the time to engage in them.

Get Enough Sleep

The coronavirus has disrupted every aspect of our day-to-day routines, including sleep. While we stay at home, we may lose track of time, sleep in, or use our electronics more than we usually would. All these changes can contribute to lack of sleep which, according to The Sleep Foundation, can affect the immune system, reduce brain function, and lead to mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. To ensure you're receiving the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night, set a schedule and make sure you have a set wake-up time and bedtime. It's also recommended you expose yourself to natural sunlight, limit screen time before bed, and reserve your bed solely for sleep.Blue Tree Health understands that staying healthy at home during quarantine may be difficult, but we hope that with these tips, you can re-establish a routine that allows you to do so. For more information about our weight loss programs or ketogenic diet, contact Blue Tree Health. We are offering telemedicine appointments for new and current patients.

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