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Tirzepatide For Weight Loss

Tirzepatide is a new weight loss shot that was recently approved by the FDA for Type 2 diabetes, but it can also benefit those without the condition and has substantial weight loss benefits. This revolutionary shot helps to improve glycemic control by increasing insulin production, decreasing glucagon production, and by reducing appetite. When used in combination with a non-restrictive diet, Tirzepatide can help you lose weight and improve your markers of insulin resistance.


Lose weight with a non-restrictive diet

Lower your hemoglobin A1C levels

FDA-approved for adults with diabetes

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Semaglutide For Weight Loss

Want to suppress your appetite and lose weight? Semaglutide, our most popular weight loss shot, can help! By mimicking GLP-1 in the body, Semaglutide can increase insulin production and slow up the rate at which your stomach empties food. The result: a one-two combo that can improve your glycemic control and suppress your appetite—helping you eat less and lose weight, in the process.

For those who want to lose weight fast—without changing your activity level or diet—Semaglutide is the perfect choice!


Lose 1-3 pounds per week 

No strict dieting necessary

100% FDA Approved 

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Lipoden For Weight Loss

Looking for an effective and easy way to lose weight in Austin? Our Lipoden shots are the answer! These powerful dietary shots are formulated with vitamins and minerals designed to help boost your metabolism, curb hunger, and increase energy—as well as help speed up weight loss and improve brain function. With Lipoden, you can finally achieve your weight loss goals—regardless of your diet and activity level.

Lipoden is the perfect choice for those who have hit a plateau and are struggling to lose the last bit of weight to achieve their weight loss goals.


Speed up fat loss

Boost energy

Improve brain function

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before and after body contouring
before and after food sensitivity test
before and after medical weight loss at Blue Tree Health
before and after weight loss
5 star review

“The blue tree staff has been amazing at supporting me, teaching me and guiding me to learn what is good and bad for my body to achieve long term results! And losing almost 60lbs is pretty exciting too! Slow, steady and consistent progress yields long term results!”

- Nicole Y.
5 star review

“I lost 40+ pounds following the advice and guidance of the Blue Tree Health team! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an effective way to lose weight. I wanted to try Keto on my own, but found too much conflicting information online. BTH gave me sound advice and helped me to formulate a personalized plan that worked for me! Great advice! Great team! Great results!”

– Clint O.

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