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Mediterranean Keto Diet: A Beginner's Guide

October 7, 2019

Over the past few years, the keto diet has become a hot draw among Americans looking to shed pounds. The Mediterranean version of the keto diet is the latest iteration of the trend to gain widespread popularity. When employed intelligently, a Mediterranean keto regimen can produce stunning results.

What Is a Mediterranean Keto Diet?

The Mediterranean keto diet incorporates all of the classic elements of both keto diets and Mediterranean cuisine. It relies heavily on plenty of fish, meat and vegetables while discouraging pasta consumption. Using the freshest ingredients possible is a hallmark of the Mediterranean keto approach.

Mediterranean Keto Diet Benefits

Before you adopt the Mediterranean keto lifestyle, it's important to understand the upsides.

Substantial, Sustainable Weight Loss

Adhering to a Mediterranean keto regimen for at least a year produces weight loss results similar to those achieved via a traditional keto diet. What's more, a Mediterranean diet of any kind makes it easier to keep the pounds off without resorting to extreme measures.

Reduced Odds of Developing Diseases

Thanks to its reliance on healthy fats, a keto diet based on Mediterranean cuisine significantly lowers one's LDL cholesterol levels. A lower likelihood of diabetes and cardiovascular disease is the inevitable outcome. Furthermore, this diet reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Greater Diversity of Ingredient Options

A traditional keto diet is somewhat restrictive when it comes to what you can eat. Mediterranean keto plans give practitioners more leeway in the food choice department. Legumes, olive oil, nuts and grains are permissible when you opt for the Mediterranean keto approach.

Mediterranean Keto Meal Plan

Coming up with a keto Mediterranean diet plan isn't hard. Here are a few sample meal ideas.

Mediterranean Keto Diet Recipe Items


Nothing hits the spot like a keto Mediterranean omelet. Start by pan searing a few eggs mixed with smoked salmon or prosciutto into a pancake. Top it off with feta cheese, arugula, olives and cherry tomatoes. Add a dusting of fresh ground pepper to spice things up.


If you want a low-carb meal that travels well, a Souvlaki wrap is a great option. Simply mix lamb, olive oil, oregano, pepper, salt, garlic powder and lemon zest in Tzatziki sauce and top with diced tomatoes. You can find keto pita bread at most grocery stores.


Pan seared lemon fish is always a satisfying way to end the day. Grab 8 ounces of cod or halibut and use almond flour and butter to create a tasty breading. Add dill, chives and garlic powder to the flour to give it some zip. Top off the fish with lemon juice and serve with vegetables.

Making the Most of Mediterranean Keto

Arguably the best thing about the keto Mediterranean diet plan is the wealth of delicious meal options available. Naturally, you'll need to experiment with various meal ideas to see what works best for you. Nevertheless, the Mediterranean take on the keto diet is a surefire way to stay trim and improve your long-term health outlook.Contact Blue Tree Health today to try out our personalized weight loss program for the Ketogenic Diet!

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