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How does your medical weight loss clinic assess patients?

At Blue Tree Health, we take a complete look at everything in your life to correct any illnesses or afflictions. While some places may just examine your well-being or physical status, we try to create a complete picture.

Along with general medical health, we also assess environmental conditions, medical history, mood, diet, and more. We create a full profile to give you the best care possible. When you take part in our brand of medicine, you are dealing with a practice that deals with the complete you.

Why do weight-loss clinics not take health insurance?

Due to the requirements of insurance companies, your insurance rate are likely to increase for a diagnosis of overweight/obesity and become a pre-existing condition attached to your record.

Unless you are undergoing a gastric surgery Insurance is not accepted at most weight loss clinics.

At this time, Blue Tree Health does not accept insurance for weight loss. Patients can pay for weight loss services with either cash or credit/debit card. Payment is due at time of service.

How well do weight loss drugs work?

Along with diet and exercise, you can lose between one to up to three pounds each week.

It must be stated that our weight loss drugs are not a miracle cure. The prescriptions we give you are meant to help in your journey towards healthier living. Great diet and exercise are made even more powerful with the addition of weight loss prescriptions. Without them, your routine would not be as effective.

What do you prescribe for weight loss?

One of the most commonly used prescriptions we give out is Phentermine. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that helps promote better nutrition. It works with your brain to curb any excessive hunger cravings while you are on it. Also, Lomaira and Phendimetrazine are other medications that we often prescribe to help suppress appetite.

While these are our most common medications, they are by no means the complete array. If you do not fit either one of these two, we can assess your individual needs and see what you do qualify for.

What are the qualifications to get prescription weight loss drugs?

If you have been unable to lose weight despite diet or exercise, you will be a great candidate for prescription weight-loss drugs. When diet and exercise don’t work, more powerful ammunition must be brought to the fight. That’s where prescriptions come in.

Additionally, if you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30, you can qualify for a weight loss prescription. Similarly, if you have a BMI of 27 or above and are also affected by high blood pressure or diabetes, you can qualify for assistance.

Does Blue Tree Health’s Weight Loss Program Work?

Yes, but only if you work with us.

Our weight loss program is not a miracle machine. You cannot expect weight loss to just happen without putting in work. Along with prescription weight loss medication, you need to develop good nutritional habits and include a healthy dose of physical activity. You should be able to see results with lifestyle changes along with your prescriptions.

As an integrative medicine facility, we believe in a full change of the body when dealing with weight loss. While we could give you just the medicine, we want to help you form better habits in your life as well. Though it may sound out of the ordinary, taking care of your emotional and spiritual self will give you the best benefits. We can help take care of all of your problem areas to get the best results possible for your weight loss.

Do you prescribe pain medication?

No, we do not prescribe pain medication.

Blue Tree Health can help give you the tools you need to manage pain utilizing a series of external techniques. We do prescribe a limited amount of prescription medication, but only for our weight loss patients. We do provide acupuncture, massage, and orthotic therapy for our patients, though.

Pain medication can be an effective tool and, if you need it, we can recommend other facilities that may be able to help you.

What is your intake process?

Fill out the form and we will schedule your first consultation with us. At your meeting, you can tell us exactly what you need. You don’t have to have a precise answer, as we will work towards finding out what approach may be best for you. From there, we will develop a course of action that will help you work towards your goal. Our intake process is easy, but it starts with you making the first contact. Get started now.

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