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Our Prescription Appetite Suppressant Program

It’s common for those trying to lose weight to struggle with eating correctly.
Often, eating to the point of what you need, and not above and beyond can be tough to pinpoint. While eating is an essential human function that provides us the nutrition we need to live, it should be done in moderation like everything else. With our prescription appetite suppressant programs, you’ll have an easier time eating the right amount of food at the appropriate time of day.

Our Mission Is For You to Succeed

Our Medical Weight Loss Plan Can Help You Lose Weight If You Face The Following Issues

Not seeing results at the gym
Struggling with adhering to other weight loss plans
Medical issues restraining exercise & weight loss
Time restraints in your life
Lack of motivation
Constant traveling makes weight loss tough

What's Included

Prescription Appetite Suppressant Plan (must be medically qualified)
Calculating Basal Metabolic Rate to specify how many calories you should eat to lose weight
Office visit with our weight loss doctors
Low Glycemic Meal Plan
4 B12 Injections
Simple Blood Test (if needed)
Additional diet plan add-ons

Plan Add-Ons that Boost Results

+ Ketogenic / Low glycemic Plan

Lose an average of 2 lbs per week

We are sorry to disappoint but this plan isn’t eating bacon and cheese all day long. Rather, this plan is a long-term plan that focuses on keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day by eating high fiber (fiber from veggies), moderate protein, and lower carbs. This doesn’t mean you won’t eat any carbs but instead carbs that will not spike your insulin levels.

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Diet Plan & Protocol Provided
Vegan, Vegetarian, and Plant-based Options are Available
Lab Work Is Included
Optional Lipoden Injections

+ HCG Diet Plan

Lose on average 5-7 lbs per week

The HCG or human chronic gonadotropin diet works in conjunction with our specific dietary protocol, combined with our FDA-approved appetite suppressants to provide the best prescription weight loss plan in Austin and the surrounding areas. Consisting of small portions of protein, vegetables, and fruit, this diet is focused on cutting fat out of your diet almost entirely. This add-on to your prescription weight loss plan can help patients lose an additional 8 pounds per week, and offers vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based options.

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Diet Plan & Protocol Provided
Vegetarian Options are Available
Lab Work Is Included
Optional Lipoden Injections

How Prescription Weight-loss Works

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Find Your Plan

You’ll talk with one of our weight loss care providers to figure out the best plan based on your goals.

Dr Brian at Blue Tree Health

Speak with the Doctor

Then, our doctor will recommend what dosage of appetite suppressant is right for you and your situation.

woman viewing food sensitivity test results

Basal Metabolic Rate

BMR will be calculated to find the right caloric intake for your body to lose weight, and prevent blood sugar from spiking.


Optional Additions

Lipoden Injections

Optional Lipoden Injections will be administered to help accelerate weight loss. Lipoden can accelerate weight loss with an additional 1/2-1lb/week on average.

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Transformation Testimonials

5 star review

“Love this place!! Everyone is super friendly and helpful. On the plus side the help they give you to meet your weight goal is amazing! I just had a baby and I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks already lost 10Lb. Best thing of all is They are so flexible on seeing you.”

– Maria C.
5 star review

“These guys are awesome. I have always had trouble losing weight since I left high school and they have gotten me back on track. I feel a lot better losing weight. Thanks guys!”

– Martin V.
5 star review

“This place is super clean and the people here are very nice. They respond very quick and I like that because I am very busy and always on the go. The b12 shots did not hurt at all and I hate shots! Awesome place, definitely recommend!”

– Olubukola A.
5 star review

“I’ve lost 35 lbs. with Blue Tree’s help and have been able to maintain the loss for 2.5 years! Staff is friendly and gives great suggestions. There is minimal wait which is great for a busy, working Mom.”

– L. Bales
5 star review

"Amazing customer service! The only thing better than my experience with the office is the results! Most effective way I’ve ever experienced as losing weight."

– Chris A.
5 star review

"It has almost been a year for me here at Blue Tree Health. I have come so far on my journey with Keto and everyone at Blue Tree Health has been my cheerleaders the entire way!! I will forever recommend Blue Tree Health to all of my friends!!"

– Amanda S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the diet plans offer vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based options?

Yes, we adhere to all sorts of dietary restrictions as we work with patients from all walks of life.

Can I just take the appetite suppressant without a diet? 

Yes, absolutely. If you’re medically qualified, we will happy to administer you an appetite suppressant without a diet plan. It should be noted that our diet plans can help you up to an additional 8 pounds per week, so they should be heavily considered. 

How do I know which weight loss program is best for me?

Our weight loss doctors will work with you to identify the best weight loss program for you. Ultimately, it’s your decision on which program to choose, but we’ll discuss with you all of the pros, cons, and considerations of each. 

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