Shake-It-Up Program

Our 30-Day Proprietary Shake Program Can Help You

Average 10 lbs lost/ month
Lose Weight️
Stay Full
Save Money

Less Than $5 per Shake

What's Included in the Program

2 proprietary vegan shakes daily
Our doctor-approved structured weight-loss program
3 B12 injections
Appetite suppressants
What you need to lose weight fast and safely

30 Day Meal-Replacement Program

Less Than $5 per Shake

Plan Add-Ons that Boost Results

+ Ketogenic/ Low glycemic Plan

Lose an average of 2 lbs per week

We are sorry to disappoint but this plan isn’t eating bacon and cheese all day long. Rather, this plan is a long-term plan that focuses on keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day by eating high fiber (fiber from veggies), moderate protein, and lower carbs. This doesn’t mean you won’t eat any carbs but instead carbs that will not spike your insulin levels.

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Diet Plan & Protocol Provided
Vegan, Vegetarian, and Plant-based Options are Available
Optional Lipoden Injections

+ HCG Diet Plan

Lose on average 5-7 lbs per week

The HCG or human chronic gonadotropin diet works in conjunction with our specific dietary protocol, combined with our FDA-approved appetite suppressants to provide the best prescription weight loss plan in Austin and the surrounding areas. Consisting of small portions of protein, vegetables, and fruit, this diet is focused on cutting fat out of your diet almost entirely. This add-on to your prescription weight loss plan can help patients lose an additional 8 pounds per week, and offers vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based options.

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Diet Plan & Protocol Provided
Vegetarian Options are Available
Lab Work Is Included
Optional Lipoden Injections

Busy Much?

You’ll lose weight, feel great, and stay full - all while saving time and money!

Our Shake It Up program is designed for the busy person who doesn’t have time to cook at home but who still wants to slim down.

20 BCAA’s

20 different amino acids to boost muscle growth and improve performance.

25g Pea Protein

Plant-based protein that packs a punch—to keep you satisfied no matter what.

MCT Blend

Medium-chain triglycerides for clean, sustained energy, with no downsides.

How It Works

Dr Brian at Blue Tree Health

Visit Us

Visit our weight loss clinic in Austin for an initial exam and weigh-in. We’ll do a quick assessment, evaluate your goals, and provide all the materials and information you need to get started with your new weight-loss program.



After your initial consultation, you can start using our proprietary protein blend up 2 times per day. The shake will either replace 2 meals or a meal and snack per day —depending on your basal metabolic rate.


Keep It Off

Once the program is over, we’ll provide a custom-made maintenance plan to keep the weight off, as well as (completely optional) lipoden injections if you’re like to boost results.

Lose Weight & Save Money!

With our meal replacements, you can save up to $215 per month on food costs

Daily Cost
Monthly Cost
Average Meal
(2 Meals/ Day)
Our Shakes
(2 Meals/ Day)
New Patient: $295
Established Patient: $249

Frequently Asked Questions

How many meals am I consuming?

You’ll consume our protein shake meal replacement up to 2 times* per day. The shake will either replace two meals or a meal and a snack depending on your basal metabolic rate. 

*Depending on your basal metabolic rate (BMR), as calculated in the office at the start of the program.

Do I need to mix the shake?

Yes, the protein will be provided (chocolate or vanilla) and we suggest use a blender or shaker cup with unsweetened almond milk (or similar).

How often do I need to come in?

We suggest weekly check ins for best results, however we will provide enough for a 1 month supply ( 2 containers with 30 servings each)

Why can’t I use any protein shake?

Ours has been specifically formulated for optimal results for weight loss. In combination with our injections and appetite suppressant (must medically qualify) we see optimal results.

How can I restock on protein powder?

We’ll provide you with enough protein powder to cover 30 servings every 2 weeks. If you run out, you can stop by the office anytime for a restock.

What are Lipoden injections?

Lipoden is a fat-loss supplements that, when injected into the body, enhances liver function and, by extension, increases metabolism—accelerating fat weight-loss.

What are B12 injections?

B12 injections are a man-made form of vitamin B12, which can be used to help your body more readily convert fat and carbohydrates into energy. They can improve your metabolism, increase energy, and enhance your mood. 

When can I get my Lipoden injections?

Once every 5-7 days 

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