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Why Not to Worry About Weight Gain on Holidays

February 1, 2019

Holiday weight is a real and proven phenomenon. Not only that, but it can take up to five months to lose the weight that you’ve gained.Okay, breath. We got the hard part out of the way.Despite how that sounds, it isn’t anything to worry about. Weight fluctuations are natural. In fact, gaining weight temporarily can promote overall weight loss. Besides, even if you do gain weight, that isn’t the principal metric of your health. Let’s further characterize each of these statements.

Weight Fluctuates Naturally

You probably know that it’s important to weigh yourself at the same time every day for accurate comparisons. This is because your body weight can fluctuate more than five pounds a day.You gain and lose pounds every day by more than just eating, drinking, and using the restroom. Sweating, metabolizing nutrients, and even breathing all influence your weight over the course of a day.Weight fluctuation is normal. Stressing out about a little weight gain will only make you more likely to gain more weight. If you want to lose your holiday weight gain, just get back to your old routine and your weight will return to normal.In fact, gaining weight isn't all bad...

Short Periods of Binging Can be Beneficial

You might be surprised to hear that some of the most popular and successful diets are designed with binging in mind. The Slow Carb Diet, for example, advises having one “cheat day” per week where you can eat whatever you want.The point of indulging once per week is to get all of your cravings out in one short burst. Then, the next day, you regain control and can continue dieting with even more urgency.Binging once per week benefits you more than just by giving you increased vigor. Binging on cheat foods once a week, no matter what those foods are, has been shown to help you lose excess fat.Part of this could be due to that fact that you’ll probably feel awful and bloated after your cheat day. This helps empower you to be ruthless when it comes to sticking to your diet for the rest of the week.However, cheat days also help you physically lose fat. Dramatically spiking caloric intake once a week keeps your metabolic rate from slowing due to extended caloric restriction.Obviously, weight gain on holidays is usually due to binging several days in a row, not only one. Still, you won’t help yourself any by beating yourself up. Know that the damage is done and that it’s not as bad as you think.(Note: The Slow Carb Diet is just an example, we aren’t necessarily recommending it. It’s an especially bad choice if you have any symptoms of a binge-eating disorder.)

Your Waist Circumference is Not the Measure of Your Health

Though your weight can be an indicator of your overall health, it’s far from being the only one that matters. Your weight and waist size do not determine your health or your beauty.Factors like blood pressure, cholesterol levels, sleep quality, and amount of daily exercise are more important to track than your weight. If you focus on making incremental improvements in these, weight loss will follow.Don’t let the shape of your body control the state of your mental wellbeing.


It’s okay to gain some weight, whether over the holidays or not. Your weight isn’t the measure of your self-worth and it’s not even a crucial signal of your health.While keeping your weight in check is important, it’s more important to prioritize good habits like sleep, exercise, and, yes, healthy eating. As long as your eating habits during the holidays were the exception and not the rule, your weight will return to where it was before.Remember that it’s normal for your weight to go up and down and that binging every once in a while can even be good for you, so long as it doesn't become a habit.Want help achieving your weight loss goals? Contact the experts at Blue Tree Health today!

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