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Maintaining a Keto Diet at Home

May 27, 2020

A ketogenic diet can be beneficial for people seeking to lose weight or improve medical conditions, such as epilepsy, type 2 diabetes, or high blood pressure. If you've been trying to stick to your keto diet during quarantine, you may be worried about abandoning that diet now that you are living a little differently. Fortunately, Blue Tree Health has some tips for how to maintain a ketogenic diet during quarantine.

Purchase Shelf-Stable Keto-Friendly Food

If you're avoiding grocery shopping or are having trouble finding your keto staples in store, take your shopping online! With limited supplies in store, now is a great time to order from a keto snack brand you may have not ordered from before. Consider purchasing shelf-stable keto products, such as dried meat, canned vegetables, low-carb protein powder, and plain nuts through online retailers. If you are shopping in store, purchase protein that can be frozen and vegetables that have a longer shelf life, such as cabbage, cauliflower, and spaghetti squash. By stocking up on keto products for your pantry or freezer, you'll have the ingredients you need to prepare keto-friendly meals.

Take Time to Prepare Food

Maintaining a keto diet is easier when you have meals prepped and ready to go. While you may be working from home or eating out less, you should still prepare your keto-friendly snacks and meals in advance, just like you would if you were going to the office every day. Taking the time to meal prep allows you to always have food ready when you're hungry, which can help avoid the temptation to snack on something unhealthy or order take-out. Prepping doesn't have to be difficult either! Next time you make a meal, consider doubling your recipe and freezing any extra portions so you can always have something ready when hunger strikes.

Avoid Temptation

Living with friends or family members who aren't following the same diet can be difficult. Your kitchen and pantry may be stocked with unhealthy snacks that may tempt you to break your keto diet. To avoid this temptation, consider asking your friends or family to keep these foods out of sight and in their rooms if possible. You should also kindly ask those that live with you to avoid offering you their food. While it's a kind gesture, getting these offers can make it a struggle to stay on track with your diet.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated should always be a priority. As you spend more time at home, your daily routine may have changed dramatically and affected the healthy habits you used to follow. Staying hydrated, however, should continue to be a habit during this time. If you typically had a water bottle at your desk or drank a full glass of water with every meal, make sure to continue these habits. If you find yourself bored of plain water, consider flavoring your water with lemon or berries for a boost of flavor that will make it exciting to stay hydrated.With everything going on, you may feel like maintaining your keto diet and other routines may be difficult while at home. Now more than ever, however, it's important to maintain your health and continue to strive towards your weight loss goals. For expert weight loss guidance in Austin, contact Blue Tree Health. We offer telemedicine appointments and can provide you with an easy-to-follow ketogenic meal plan that meets your dietary needs.

Begin Your Weight Loss Journey!

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