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Keto Friendly Thanksgiving Dishes

November 9, 2017

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You and your family will likely be making the rounds, which means gobs of high-carb, sugar-filled treats. But never fear. There are ways to stay in ketosis and still enjoy Thanksgiving, without packing on the pounds.Often times think the holiday season means you have to throw up your hands and give in to your cravings for stuffing, cranberries and sweet desserts; it doesn't have to be. You can stick to your regular meals by making them a bit healthier. You can also try out new keto-friendly menu items on Thanksgiving that the entire family will love.For those who aren't familiar with a keto-friendly diet, it is a low-sugar, low-carb diet that forces the body to burn fat instead of glucose. Ketones are a byproduct of the fat burning. Controlling blood sugar is also a benefit of a keto-friendly diet. To get the most out of Thanksgiving while on keto, follow these tips:

Have an Extra Portion of Turkey

Turkey is high in protein, and one of the best choices to eat when it comes to maintaining ketosis. Although it's low in fat, turkey's other nutrition benefits mean you can have an extra portion to help fill you up, without having to worry about the guilt of over-eating. Just try to keep the marinade as low in sugar as possible.

Switch Out Your Potatoes with Cauliflower

A good, healthy mashed potato supplement is mashed cauliflower. Blend cauliflower florets into a mixture with the cheese of your choosing, and soon you'll have a keto-friendly mashed potato alternative that has much less carbs.

Substitute for Stuffing

If you want the full flavor of stuffing recipe without all the fat and carbs, substitute cornmeal with coconut flour, and use egg yolks instead of whole eggs. If your stuffing uses croutons or other breading, it may be best just to pass and have yourself an extra helping of something else.

Keep Your Veggies in Moderation

While you're on a keto diet, it's finally perfectly acceptable to keep your vegetables to a sample size. Vegetables offer valuable nutrients for your body, but most veggies should only be eaten in strict moderation while you're on a keto diet. Find out what vegetables are suitable for a keto diet here.

Pumpkin Pie

Another keto-friendly dish that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Opt for pumpkin puree and stevia instead of sugar when baking, and use almond or coconut flour in place of regular flour. There's a few recipes out there, but this one's our favorite.Do your best to avoid the breads, pastas and sugary items, and even if you consume a few more carbs than you should, it won't be too difficult to bounce back from. For full details on how to lose weight with a ketogenic diet, contact Blue Tree Health today!

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