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How to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

December 17, 2020

As 2020 rapidly ends, many are looking ahead to a promising 2021 by vowing to change certain habits or lifestyle routines. This type of personal affirmation is known as a New Year resolution. A significant percentage of individuals formulate health-centered resolutions like promising to lose weight and consume a healthier diet. Unfortunately, an appreciable number of those who set such goals fail to meet them.Are you setting weight-loss goals for yourself this new year? Luckily, creating a plan and following specific guidelines might make this process easier.

The Importance of Diet and Weight Maintenance

A New Year resolution focusing on diet and weight loss is an admirable aim to yield health and longevity. Proper diet and weight maintenance could result in immeasurable health benefits, such as an optimally-functioning cardiovascular system, better digestive health, a reduced cancer risk, heightened cognitive functions like memory and concentration, stronger internal and external systemic components, and an elevated mental state.

Diet and Weight Loss Resolution Tips

Set Realistic Goals

Many dietary and weight loss goals are unrealistic. Instead, we encourage individuals to set manageable, reasonable goals. For example, one might find it difficult and extreme to alter their diet overnight. However, a more realistic alternative is to make small gradual changes like eliminating certain forms of junk food one at a time. Moreover, one should not aim to lose weight in large sums immediately. Instead, striving to lose lesser amounts over specific timeframes is often better suited for laying the foundation for success.

Do Not Fall for Fad Diets

Unfortunately, many fall for the allure of fad diets offering quick-fix solutions. The truth is, adopting good dietary habits and keeping a healthy weight takes time and commitment. In consideration, we urge resolution makers to follow established nutritional outlines that are practical and have yielded favorable results for committed adherents.

Remain Motivated

Motivation is key to forming and, above all, maintaining optimal dietary habits in the upcoming year. The plain truth is that these New Year resolutions will not produce tangible results without dedication; such goal-setters can start by taking the initiative and engaging in routine exercise and rendering more nutritious and healthy choices when frequenting supermarkets or restaurants.

Expect Occasional Setbacks

More often than not, adherence to a diet or weight loss program requires strict dedication and willpower. The trouble is human beings err from time to time. That said, eventual success in such endeavors means overcoming occasional setbacks. Everyone will periodically make a mistake or even cheat. However, with such facts in tow, individuals cannot let these mishaps turn into a lax attitude that ultimately puts the kibosh on their goals and plans.

Document Progress

When progressing at a gradual pace, the naked eye might experience difficulties noticing progress. Therefore, we encourage dietary practitioners to document their progress. Such notation could include a formal timeline charting accomplishments over days, weeks, and months.

Find a Support System

Lofty goals often prove more challenging when facing said aims alone, and for this, we recommend identifying a support system to avoid potential pitfalls. Finding a group or even one or two others to exercise or diet with might make the journey more fulfilling.

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