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Getting In Shape Before The Holidays

October 10, 2018

Being in shape before the holidays is important for many who wish to look their best for this special time of the year. Whether it be holiday parties or simple get togethers with family and friends, it pays to start your journey towards health sooner rather than later. At Blue Tree Health, we are glad to help countless clients get the body they want through a series of weight loss plans. For those who are planning on getting in shape before the holidays, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

How To Lose Weight Before The Holidays

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the amount of weight that you can safely lose without medical guidance is 1 to 2 pounds per week. This can be accomplished by eating at a calorie deficit (usually 500 calories less than what is required for your current caloric needs each day) and sticking to a nutrient-rich diet.Keep in mind that progress will vary by each person since not everyone loses weight at the same rate. There are also other options to keep in mind throughout your journey to lose weight, including the following:

Go with whole food options: You might be tempted to eat any and all food with pumpkin spice, but it's best to stick to vegetables, fruits, and meats such as salmon, grass-fed beef, chicken, and other whole food options. Keeping your plate half full with vegetables is a good start, but feel free to adapt to your dietary needs.

Drink water: Craving sweets and other holiday delights is not rare, but often the craving for this food might be based off solely on us needing water. Bring a water bottle with you and make sure to drink often to satiate your thirst. A good rule of thumb is to drink at least 8 glasses of water, although this number can vary on your level of activity.

Exercise, exercise, exercise: Whether you're going for a 10 minute walk around your home or going to the gym, staying active is important. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator as you make your way to work, or perhaps go for a jog in the morning with your dog. Anything that keeps you active is good to include in your daily routine.

Savor in the small treats: Having a treat from time doesn't hurt, but instead of eating an entire sleeve of Chips Ahoy in one go, take your time to relish the treat. Whether you're eating some candy corn, pumpkin pie, or another seasonal treat, savor each bite and take your time to enjoy it. Also, make sure to limit these treats in order to stay on your health goals.

Be careful with alcoholic drinks: Alcoholic drinks can lead to weight gain. Instead of falling prey to the open bar at an event, be mindful of the drinks that you enjoy. Drink water in between each cocktail, savor the margaritas, and decide how much you are going to drink beforehand to make sure you don't drink one too many.

Be kind to yourself: We're not perfect. Everyone on a diet has fallen prey to a treat, whether it be a PSL or a night in with a pint of ice cream. Setting up our expectations to be too high can often lead to situations where we feel we could have done more to avoid indulging.Instead of focusing on the negatives (such as eating 2 slices of cake), focus instead on the fact that you ate healthy before then and that you avoided temptation all throughout the week. It'll be easier to stay focused from there on forward instead of giving up in your health journey.

Using The Keto Diet To Lose Weight Before The Holidays

Losing weight on the ketogenic diet is a great choice for many who are considering starting on their weight loss journey. By limiting the amount of carbs you eat and focusing on food that is of quality and high in fat and protein, you will see a change in your weight.On the ketogenic diet, the average person loses around 2-10 pounds in the first week as a result of water weight. The quick drop in weight is normal and is not due to fat loss. From there on, 1-2 pounds is the norm for fat loss. There could be occasions where you might not see any changes and other weeks where you drop 3-4 pounds.By staying in ketosis throughout this time you will be able to consistently see changes. It's important to stay committed to the keto diet and with dedication you will see your body transform to the one that you wish. Blue Tree Health offers customized diet plans that are tailored to meet the requirements of ketogenic diets.

The HCG Diet Is An Option As Well

If you have a lot of weight you wish to lose and want to do it quickly, then the HCG diet could be the best option for you. The diet consists of taking daily pellets or injections coupled with a strict diet that can lead to great changes in body weight. On the HCG diet it's common to see patients lose between ½ and 1 pound per day, making it the ideal option for those who are looking to change their body quickly before the holidays.Blue Tree Health is proud to offer the HCG Diet and will work alongside you to ensure that you see success in your weight loss journey.

Lose Weight Safely With Blue Tree Health

With the holidays looming over the horizon, you might be tempted to indulge in the boundless amounts of holiday treats. However, by making sure that you are on top of your diet before the holiday's kickoff, you will be well on your way to your wellness goals.Blue Tree Health offers a wide variety of weight loss services to help get you in shape. We now even offer body contouring treatments. Whether you want to lose weight before the holidays or are on a journey to regain your health, we can help you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Begin Your Weight Loss Journey!

If you’re ready to feel like yourself again, Blue Tree Health can help! We offer comprehensive weight loss programs that are custom-made for you and your goals. On top of that, we also offer body contouring treatments, vitamin shots, and food sensitivity tests. So whether it’s 10 pounds or up to 100 pounds, Blue Tree Health is here to help you lose the weight!