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Aftercare Instructions: What To Do After Laser Lipo

August 17, 2022

Laser Liposuction—often referred to as “laser lipo” in Austin—is a relatively new procedure that uses fiber-optic lasers to melt away body fat. Unlike traditional liposuction, which uses vacuum suction to remove fat, laser lipo is significantly safer, more pleasant to experience, and generally more effective at removing fat. Moreover, since laser lipo can also trigger the production of collagen—that often cited protein that reduces wrinkles—it can also make your skin more taut. 

If you're facing or considering laser lipo in austin, it’s normal to wonder about what you can expect following the procedure, and what you should do afterwards. In this short blog, find out the answers to these questions, and discover what you can do to make your laser lipo experience feel like a walk in the park.

What To Expect After Laser Lipo

Unlike traditional liposuction, which could result in neuropathy, numbness, bruising, swelling, and scarring, side effects from laser lipo are extremely rare and are almost always mild. While you may experience some soreness immediately afterwards, it usually goes away over a few days.

If you do experience some discomfort, you might consider wearing a compression garment to help speed up the healing process, and to keep your new figure intact as it heals. 

The First 48 Hours: What to Do Immediately After Laser Lipo

Many people assume that because laser lipo is, in fact, a “medical procedure,” they need to rest as soon as they go home, to help their body heal. Unfortunately, this can make way for subpar results. Instead, you should exercise as much as you feel comfortable, even in the first few days following your procedure. This will stimulate your lymph nodes and speed up the release of glycerol and water, which can improve your weight loss results. 

At Blue Tree Health, our laser lipo treatments last just 10 to 20 minutes, and require zero recovery time–meaning you can get back to work and working out as soon as you walk out the door! 

How To Care For Your Body Afterwards

While laser lipo provides effective results on its own, making a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle can ensure the final outcome is more than satisfactory. Follow these top tips to speed up your recovery time and improve your weight loss results. 

Lower your fat intake

While you can technically eat anything you like after laser lipo, a diet high in saturated fat is highly discouraged. Fatty meals, sugary sweets, and fried foods can cause inflammation and slow down the healing process. Moreover, if you gain weight during the healing process, it can thwart your treatment results. Instead, try to consume a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins as much as you can, and avoid salty foods (like chips, canned soups, and instant noodles) as much as possible. 

Can the fat come back?

Although laser liposuction can remove excess fat from your body, a common misconception is that once it’s gone it will never come back. Unfortunately, you can still gain weight—including new weight to treated areas—if you don’t commit to a healthy diet and exercise to maintain your results. 

If you want laser lipo in Austin and need help sticking to a post-op diet plan, consider our Ultimate Body Makeover program. You’ll get 8 laser lipo treatments in the area(s) of your choice, plus a 3-step transitional program to help you keep the weight off after you've finished treatment.

Consume minimal alcohol

Another thing you should strongly consider giving up (if only temporarily) is alcohol. Alcohol can interfere with the effects of our laser liposuction treatment—delaying your recovery—as well as any medications you might be taking as a result. 

How long after laser lipo do I have to wait before I can drink alcohol?

You can resume alcohol consumption 2-3 days after your laser liposuction procedure.

Drink lots of water

Adequate hydration is super important after laser lipo in Austin—especially given Texas’ hot, humid heat. To avoid dehydration during your recovery period, aim to drink plenty of water every day, as doing so can help your body recover more quickly, and improve your weight loss results. 

Pro-tip: Hate drinking plain old water? Try seltzer or other bubbly water-based drinks, or flavor it up with fresh fruit, cucumber, or sprigs of mint.

Move often

While you might want to rest and relax following your laser liposuction procedure, light to moderate exercise in the first 48 hours is strongly encouraged, as it can speed up the healing process and weight loss.

How often should I move around after laser lipo? 

Light movement—such as short walks around the home—is all you need to improve blood circulation to prevent blood clots and to move your fat around to enhance your results. However, strenuous bouts of activity and exercise are also encouraged.

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