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Ketogenic Diet Pricing

Sustained Weight Loss Plan

$99 $68

Food Sensitivity Test Pricing

IgG 184 Food Panel

$595 $449

hcg 50 percent off

HCG Plan Pricing (Rapid Weight Loss!)

Pellet HCG therapy

(pellet contains methyl B12)
21 day cost: $685 $335

42 day cost: $750 $375

Injection HCG therapy without B12

21 day cost: $600 $295
42 day cost: $700 $349

Injection HCG therapy

with B12

(3 or 6 Methyl B12 shots)

21 day cost: $685 $335
42 day cost: $750 $375

hcg 50 percent off

Body Contouring (Laser Lipo) Pricing

Try it Out Package
Single Treatment

$129 $99

Looking Good Package
Four Treatments

$516 $389

Looking Great Package
Eight Treatments
FDA Recommended

$1,032 $648

B12 Shot Pricing

Single B12 cost: $25
Package of 3 B12s: $49
Package of 6 B12s: $89
B wellness shot with vitamin C: $25 (helps with fatigue, and weight loss)

*Double shots are given for extreme fatigue

Lipoden Shot Pricing

Single shot cost: $25

Double shot cost: $40

*Double shots are done same day

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