Blue Tree Health offers a line of nutritional services for you in your journey towards a better you.

We can create a custom plan that will help you reach your potential in the fight against unhealthy living.

Because each diet is a bit different, it is crucial to address your individual needs. That is why our consultation process offers thorough planning for the nutritional road ahead. Instead of giving you a template diet plan, we give you a full review, look at your diet, and get your program designed. That way, you’re getting on a diet which will yield the best results for you.

Why is Nutrition Important?

Almost a third of all Americans are overweight…

According to the United States Department of Health, almost a third of all Americans are overweight. This can be attributed to a number of factors, some of which are uncontrollable. Excess weight has been linked to numerous health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, and more.

One of the best ways of avoiding too much weight gain is proper nutrition. With fast food on every corner and grocery stores stocked with sugary drinks, the temptation to succumb can be hard. Your nutrition is the most crucial factor in weight loss.

While you need to exercise, taking care of all issues with your nutrition will help create long-lasting habits. Great diet habits will radiate not just in the short-term weight loss, but well into long term living. A healthy diet can help by not only preventing weight gain, but improving mood, energy, and your standard of living. With proper nutrition, you will be setting yourself up for better living in your later years.

Nutrient-Rich-BerriesAlso, get the help of real nutrition experts. Blue Tree Health has seen hundreds of clients improve their quality of life through great nutrition. Their specific needs have shown us how important it is to consider diets on a case by case basis. We truly strive to make your nutritional plan unique and beneficial.

How to Make a Nutrition Plan

Nutrition plans vary for many reasons. For each dietary program, there are a number of factors that can either help or hinder it. Blue Tree Health knows it is important to take those variables into account. Without this care, then the nutritional plans would fail.

Here are just some of the factors that can affect your plan:


The amount of caloric intake needed may have to be higher if you are taller. Similarly, the shorter you are, the fewer calories you may require. The amount of energy required per body varies depending on the size. If you are smaller, you need less energy. That is why a nutrition plan may call for certain foods to account for size differences.

Physical Activity

A great diet plan can always be more effective if coupled with a lot of physical activity. However, what if your daily schedule prevents you from moving? If you are forced into a sedentary lifestyle, then your nutritional needs must reflect this.

Environmental Conditions

Whether you live in cold or hot climates can also change what is required from your diet. Austin, TX is very hot most of the year, which expends more energy due to the heat. This may cause you to need more nourishment during the day.


Not surprisingly, income can affect your diet. However, it may not be in the way you think. Many of the most affordable foods out there are laced with sugars and carbs. If your job only pays so much, you may be forced to go for the more affordable option. It is possible to adjust based on income, especially with the help of a qualified dietician.

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is the science of how food interacts with our bodies. Nutrition takes into account how our bodies process food and how it helps strengthen or weaken our bodily functions. Whatever we put into our body will be reflected in some way, good or bad.

While nutrition typically focuses on how we eat, the entire study of nutrition can have a broader spectrum. For instance, it is not uncommon to look at the links between a quality diet and how it affects our bodies in relation to disease. If we are less susceptible to disease, then it may be related to quality nutrition.

Most importantly, nutrition involves the lifestyle patterns we have when it comes to food. Certain food patterns can have damaging effects on us, resulting in overall malnutrition. This can have widespread effects and leave the body riddled with malaise and even illness.

Whatever the nutritional choices you’ve made, change starts with yourself. Take your first step and contact Blue Tree Health for more information on how to boost your nutrition now.