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Lipoden is a supplement that enhances liver function to speed up weight loss. The formula is given to anyone looking to boost a normal weight loss routine. Blue Tree Health uses a more concentrated version of lipoden, called Extreme Lipoden.

Lipoden is part of a family of metabolism tools known as lipotropic shots or lipotropic injections. Lipotropic compounds are designed as medical alternatives to add years to your life by effective and healthy reduction in fats.

What is Extreme Lipoden?

Many people don’t know that there are different types of lipoden. A lot of clinics use traditional lipoden, but Blue Tree Health uses a very concentrated version of lipoden called Extreme Lipoden.

Extreme Lipoden has more ingredients in it to enhance weight loss and is specifically formulated to give a large boost to any weight loss regimen. Coupled with diet and exercise, these injections can amplify anyone’s workout regimen and even help to achieve seemingly extreme weight loss goals.

See below for an overview of how lipo injections work and a breakdown of each ingredient in the formula, including dosages of B12, Inositol, Choline, and more. We also cover key benefits of lipo shots and how much it costs to buy them.

How does it work?

Lipoden works in the liver. One of the major functions of the liver is its breakdown of fat. This creates more energy to power the body and enhance liver function. The formula is comprised of:

  • Inositol 50mg – Inositol helps with serotonin, which is the “feel good hormone” and is essential in the metabolism of fats.
  • Choline 50mg – Choline prevents fat from accumulating in the liver and facilitates the movement of fat into cell mitochondria. It is essential for a healthy liver and kidneys.
  • Dexpanthenol 25mg – Dexpanthenol enhances the immune system, and is also known as the anti-stress vitamin.
  • Pyridoxine 25mg – Pyridoxine is vital in breaking down fats and carbohydrates or energy.
  • Hydroxocobolamin (B12 dosage) 500 mcg – Hydroxocobolamin, also known as the long-lasting B12; helps with sleep disorders, nerve pain, fatigue, and cognitive impairment.
  • Chromium Picolinate 15mcg – Chromium Picolinate is a blood sugar nutrient that helps promote insulin function.
  • L Carnitine 25mg – L Carnitine plays an essential role to burn fat in the mitochondria where fat is oxidized, resulting into ATP. It also helps to accelerate ketone production.

It is essential to use regular diet and exercise along with lipo shots. It enhances the digestive system in getting rid of fats. To get the best results, watch what you eat and exercise regularly.

What are some benefits?

Faster weight loss

The function of the liver is sped up, using more fats, proteins, sugars, and carbohydrates. This reduces the amount that would get stored otherwise, improving the results of diet and exercise.

Higher energy production

Because there is more fat loss, your body has more energy. Myoden helps the ATP, which improves overall metabolic activity within the body.

Enhanced brain function

Due to the B12 dosage in the formula, the nervous system and brain activity are improved.

B12 is a critical nutrient to myelin, which coats the nerves in our body. Myelin acts like a lubricant, speeding up firing neurons. When myelin begins to erode, the nervous system is damaged. This leads to conditions such as dementia, MS, and more.

When myelin gets nourished by B12, the chance of erosion later in life decreases. Short term and long term health of the nervous system can be ensured.

Why should you take this?

If your weight loss routine has plateaued, extreme lipoden injections might be for you. This is the perfect solution for anyone who has been working out regularly, dieted perfectly, and is still not seeing the needed results.

Have any questions?

If you live in Austin, consult the professional weight loss team at Blue Tree Health Medical. We will run through the benefits, run through any vitamin alternative, and make sure your health profile will match up for use. Our team can also address any question you may have about the injection process.

Walk-ins welcome, no appointment necessary.

Lipoden Shot Pricing

Single shot cost: $25

Double shot cost: $40

*Double shots are done same day

It is essential to use regular diet and exercise along with lipoden.