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Blue Tree Health is an integrative wellness center based in Austin, TX. We are so excited to bring you a comprehensive approach to your health care. Instead of focusing on one single thing, we deal with many branches. With all of our patients, we look to provide a thorough approach to any pain or health issues they may be facing.

All of our treatment plans are crafted to get our patients the help they need in the best way possible; no two plans are alike. We also make sure our patients get updates about their progress and their health plans. Above all, we want to ensure our patients understand the best ways to maintain their new healthy lifestyles.

Services We Offer:

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Staff are professional. Office is very clean. Dr. Griffin is very professional and personable. Recommend.

I have tried every diet out there and I was able to stick to this one the best and lost 22 lbs in the first month. The medication was really key in helping me lose the weight.

About Blue Tree Health

Since 2010, Blue Tree Health has specialized in providing weight loss, nutrition, and orthotic services to the people of Austin, TX and beyond. Our methods have helped hundreds of struggling people to get a better life. Our patients can jump higher, run faster, and do better thanks to the services that we have been able to provide.

Our team comes from a very diverse background, but each one of us has a singular goal: to help our patients get better by any means necessary. Each one of us comes together to provide solutions that can help you be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Our Facilities

Our health complex boasts a line of trained and knowledgeable staff ready to tackle the challenges that come their way. On top of this, the tools we use are custom designed to make sure you get the treatment that you need. Our facilities are first rate to deliver the first place in results.

Blue Tree Health Staff