What is Diet-Induced Thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis simply refers to that which produces heat. Dietary thermogenesis, then, refers to the heat produced in response to diet. When you eat something, it demands an increase in heat due to the metabolic requirements of digestion, metabolism, and energy storage. Can taking thermogenic supplements improve upon this process to burn even more fat?


Keto Vegan Diet: A Complete Guide

Is a keto vegan diet really possible? Low carb diet cycle strategies, like the ketogenic diet, are healthy and reliable methods for burning fat and managing weight. Problem is, the traditional ketogenic diet relies heavily on meat, poultry, and seafood. So that leaves vegetarians and vegans with the difficult problem of constructing their own vegetarian or vegan ketogenic diet minus the meat and dairy.


Weight Loss Tips for Success

Losing weight and keeping it off is never easy. However, with the right practices, any weight loss goal is achievable. You won’t hear us advocating for any simple fixes or “weird tricks” to lose weight fast. Losing weight is putting your body in a state of persisting starvation. To overcome your body’s built-in defenses, you’ll need some help. You can start off by helping yourself with the right mentality.

skinny fat

What is “Skinny Fat” and How Do I Avoid It?

Being skinny fat refers to being metabolically obese while having a normal weight, meaning you have too little muscle and too much fat. Basically, it’s an imbalance between the amount of muscle and fat you have that can make you appear fat even at your ideal weight.

A skinny fat or metabolically obese normal weight (MONW) individual can have the same BMI as someone who looks ripped, yet themselves have excess fat. This is because being skinny fat is about body composition, not weight.