Massage therapy can help soothe any aches, pains, and stresses you suffer during the day.

Through the gentle, yet firm application of pressure on your most problematic areas, your body will feel relaxed and refreshed once again. Massage can help both your body and your mind.

Blue Tree Health has many different types of massage for many occasions. Our experts can give you the care and dedication you need to get your body up to peak comfort. If you are straining to get comfortable, get in contact with our massage therapist.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

While massage has the obvious benefit of letting you feel relaxed, it also has actual health benefits for your life. Along with relieved stress, the physical state of your body will improve with regular massage. Some effects are instant, while others are felt after repeated trips to a massage therapist.

Here are just a few of the many perks of getting a massage:

Improves your circulation

By heavily massaging the body directly, the circulatory system pumps faster. This can result in a better blood flow, which boosts functions throughout the entire body. The result over multiple massages can result in better blood pressure, a more active immune system, and overall improved energy.

Decreases rehab time after injury

After a bad injury, the entire body can be a cluster of tension. When this happens, a massage can relax the problem area and encourage blood flow to the injured area. Increasing blood flow creates faster healing, getting you back to your life in a much shorter time.

Breathe better

Like everything in the body, the lungs need blood pumping to them so you can breathe strongly. Through massage, circulation to the lungs increases. This helps generate more energy, which results in more powerful breathing.

Relieves anxiety and depression

Massaging can release certain hormones and endorphins that can help you feel relaxed. Those same chemicals can help maintain a sense of normalcy. This can help improve mood and reduce the symptoms of clinical anxiety and depression.

Massage Therapist Celeste

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy session is an art form crafted just for your problem points. Instead of getting only the “usual” areas of the back, shoulders, and neck, a massage therapist will take into account your entire health regimen.

When you meet with a massage therapist, they will aim to give you a thorough massage of the soft tissue and muscular structure. More than likely, they will use some form of heavy pressure via rubbing, kneading, and general compression of the affected areas. They can also switch up how they apply the pressure to the area, using hands, elbows, and sometimes even feet.

Types of Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest medical practices in the world. It dates as far back as 4,000 years ago and has been cited by many to deliver real relief from pain and stress. Because it is such a well-tried process, many techniques have developed to help people. While the techniques may be different, the goal is always the same: provide you with relief.

Blue Tree Health has six various forms of massage therapy.

Swedish Massage

This is the classic technique that most massage therapists use. Swedish massage combines strokes, kneading, and general pressure application to help decrease tension in the muscles, relax the mind and body, and relieve stress.

Sports Massage

Instead of a general body massage, a sports massage stimulates the circulation of the blood and lymph fluids.

Deep Massage

Deep massage focuses in on any problem spots and digs in, going to the deepest tissues to help unlock the most tension in your body.

Pregnancy/Postpartum Massage

For women in the later stages of pregnancy or even after the birth of their child, they may need a bit of help with their muscles. Anyone who has one of these massages will be elevated with pillows and positioned in a comforting spot. A gentle rhythm of massaging glides is applied across the tensest of areas.

Hot Stones

Placing hot stones on tense and trouble areas can enhance comfort and relaxation. The stones improve the condition of the muscles without the deep pressure of a masseuse pressing down on them.

Chair Massage

Blue Tree Health’s chair massages can be done outside of our facilities. If you are having a special event, party, or even just a meeting, we can arrange a chair massage just for you and your company.