If you are suffering from pain and you think you’ve run out of options, look to orthotics.

Much of our pain can be caused by improper foot support. If your foot is incorrectly supported, then this can affect your back in a number of ways, from nerve damage to general misalignment. These issues can radiate through your entire body and can cause severe distress in any extremity from your back to your fingers.

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Blue Tree Health specializes in custom orthotics. We go through the complete process to give you the tools you need to align your skeleton. Through the constant use of your new orthotics appliance, you can put an end to the pain.

How Can Orthotics Assist Me?

Orthoses are meant to help alleviate pain through skeletal alignment. While the end goal is the same, the way that goal is achieved can differ considerably. Here are just some of the things skeletal alignment can accomplish:

Help you move correctly

Sometimes, we develop atypical patterns in everyday movements, such as an unusual walking gait or poor posture. When this happens, an orthosis can help establish a less harmful pattern.

Help an injury heal

You may be familiar with splints or casts. These are simple orthoses that protect, support, and aid in healing injury.

Maximizes abilities for those with atypical conditions

Every once in a while, a condition may arise which can impede your life significantly. Applying an orthosis in conjunction with a malady can correct any issues that may arise.

Lessens pain

An orthosis can help with general pain. If too much pressure is being applied to your spine or other extremity, an orthotic can help lessen that pressure.

How does Blue Tree Health provide orthotic solutions?

Our orthotics are provided in-house. We do not outsource any of our orthotics. Instead, our team can craft the right orthotic just for you. The same people that take the measurements also make your orthotic.

Create a custom mold of your foot

We craft a special mold made from the dimensions of your foot. The mold is made of foam, adhering to every single curve of your foot. No two feet are alike, so it is important to get precise measurements to begin crafting your appliance.

Scan the mold

Once we’ve made the mold, we scan it. We utilize a state of the art system consisting of a three laser scan. The lasers create a mold of your foot for us to customize your orthotic. Without this process, we would be unable to provide a quality orthotic that improves your life.

Custom mold an orthotic for your foot

The orthotic making process takes roughly two weeks. From the first mold we take to the final screw, we aim to get your orthotic ready to go in no more than 14 days. This short turn around lets you have an appliance which will help you without trouble for a year and a half.

What are orthotics?

Custom Orthotic with Anatomical FootOrthotics simply straighten out your skeleton. When your skeleton is out of alignment, it can cause severe pain. When the pain becomes too much, many people resort to purchasing orthoses. Orthoses help adjust your skeleton into its proper place. Some of the most common orthoses are foot inserts, but other orthoses can include foot, back, or ankle braces.

For most folks, foot inserts can be a remedy, slowly but surely readjusting your back into shape. Foot inserts are certainly the most common, but they come at a price depending on how you get them. Many people simply get inserts from Dr. Scholl’s or an over-the-counter tool. While this can certainly be easier, it is not necessarily better to buy from the store.

When you purchase over the counter inserts, you are applying a template design to your feet. This is effective for some, but not to all. It could potentially cause even more havoc to your back and skeleton. Your back could get pushed further out of alignment due to any improper inserts.

Blue Tree Health wants to give you custom orthotics to prevent any further deterioration of your alignment. By supplying you with properly measured tools, you will be getting the right results. Furthermore, we will be able to adjust to any specific needs that you may require. Your progress is overseen by folks that know your foot better than you do.