What’s the Best Low Carb Diet for Me? Comparing Five Popular Low Carb Diet Options

It can be hard to decide what’s the best diet for you and the foods you like to eat, so we’ve created a list showing what can be eaten, your weight loss potential and difficulty of five of the most popular low carb diets, the Ketogenic, Paleo, Mediterranean, Atkins and Whole30 diets. Learn more about which diet is best for you.

tomatoes cheese and garnish inside a white bowl

5 Fast Food Recipes You Didn’t Know Were So Healthy

Fast food doesn’t have to mean unhealthy food. Today, there are so many optimal choices for those looking for a diet that helps weight loss go just a bit faster.

But great cooking also shouldn’t take too much time and effort. The solution? Fast foods that are both delicious and healthy. Here are five easy and quick meals you can prep for your family and friends — all under 20 minutes.